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PsyBio Therapeutics Corp (TSXV: PSYB) (OTCQB:
PSYBF) is Pioneering the Development of Next
Generation Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Candidates
Targeting Treatment of Mental Health Challenges and
Neurological Disorders

PsyBio’s Goal Is to Develop Innovative Patient Treatments
Based Upon Psychedelic Agents

PsyBio Therapeutics is creating a portfolio of unique, scientifically developed, psychoactive compounds as potential therapeutic agents for mental and neurologic health issues.

News Update 7-14-21

PysBio Announces Uplisting to OTCQB Venture Market under the Symbol PSYBF (1)

PsyBio is Systematically and Scientifically Developing
Therapeutic Candidates

PsyBio’s CEO Evan Levine describes the excitement Psilocybin has made within the psychological research world leading to current testing in numerous clinical trials globally. PsyBio is creating a portfolio of unique, scientifically developed, psychoactive compounds as potential therapeutics, utilizing in vitro and in vivo testing to prioritize the numerous candidates identified to data. Following rigorous preclinical testing those promising candidate will be advanced into formal, FDA approved human clinical trials for mental and
neurological health issues.

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Brain Scans

Company Contact

4400 West Sample Rd,
Coconut Creek, FL 33073

513 | 449 | 9585

Company Description

PsyBio Therapeutics is developing biosynthetic psychoactive and other unique compounds which potentially offer a new paradigm of treatment to reverse the course of mental health issues and other disorders.

psybio wuote.png

PsyBio’s Progress in Development of Pharmaceutical Candidates Targeting the Treatment of Mental Health
Challenges and Neurological Disorders

1. Ongoing commercialization of an efficient, patent-pending bacterial biosynthesis process for the production of therapeutic candidates.

2. Developing a scientifically based portfolio of therapeutic candidates based initially on psychedelic agents.

3. Understanding the innate synergy between psychoactive compounds in a laboratory-controlled

Endeavoring to Improve Mental and Neurologic Health

The current Standard of Care for the treatment of depression and anxiety involves the use of FDA-approved agents including SSRI’s, SNRI’s, MAOI’s, NDRI’s, and others. While these drugs have revolutionized the treatment of psychiatric disorders there remains a tremendous unmet need for those individuals with less than fully treated mental and neurological health conditions. Utilizing a proprietary platform technology to
biologically synthesize selected, targeted next-generation active compounds, PsyBio is able to fully test compounds for their activity and safety moving the successful candidates into clinical practice.

Mental Health Challenges Have a Large Socioeconomic Cost
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New Studies are demonstrating that alternative treatments may treat mental health issues, like:

  • Anxiety Disorder

  • Stress

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • PTSD

  • Substance Abuse

  • Eating Disorders

  • Childhood Anxiety and Depression

Psybio is leading the industry in drug discovery and development setting out to prove new methods can’t be overlooked by Big Pharma anymore.”

Current Market Size for the Pharmacologic Treatment of Mental Illnesses is Large
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Reasons to Start Investing in Psybio 
  • Psybio set out to raise $5 million in its go public round and was oversubscribed with over $17 million, finally accepting $14 million, half of it coming from dedicated life science institutional investors.

  • Psybio raised enough capital for two years of runway which includes submissions to the FDA in 2021.

  • PsyBio retains the global exclusive rights to a platform technology enabling highly efficient drug discovery, development, and production for pharmaceutical candidates through synthetic biology and metabolic engineering.

  • Psybio has a portfolio of over 80 molecules and growing by utilizing the genetics of hallucinogenic plants and fungi. 

  • PsyBio has its own dedicated animal testing center and performs experiments on drug candidates on a daily basis.

  • Psybio is working with three globally acclaimed contract manufacturers for process development on its psilocybin compound and its derivatives.

  • Psybio's management team has submitted thousands of FDA applications for therapeutics, diagnostics and devices and managed thousands of clinical trials.

PsyBio World-Class Management Team

Management is key to a successful biotechnology company in obtaining FDA approval for its leading therapeutic candidates.

Experienced CEO with over 25 years in the Biotechnology Industry

  • Prior Successful Uplisting to Major Exchanges

  • Raised Hundreds of Millions from Institutional Investors for Life Sciences Companies

  •  Overseen Phase 2 and 3 Clinical Trials on Multiple Continents

Chief Medical Officer with Extensive Clinical Trial and Regulatory Experience

  • Expertise with FDA, Health Canada, EMA, PMDA, CFDA Applications

  • Served as Protocol Designer, Lead Investigator, Regulatory Strategist, and Sponsor for Numerous Phase 1 through 4 Clinical Trials for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Products

  • Ability to secure FDA and Other Regulatory Body Approvals

External Collaborators

  • Miami University, Oxford Ohio

  • Collaborative Research for Candidate Discovery and Animal Testing funded by Psybio

World-Class Board of Directors

  • Venture Capital-Backed Business Operators

  • Experienced in Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions and Integrations

  • Operational Vigilance & Efficiency

  • Expertise in Life Sciences, Medical Technology, and Consumer Healthcare

Reasons Why PsyBio Will be the Leader in the Psychedelic
Drug Discovery Industry


1. PsyBio has compiled an ever-expanding portfolio of over 80 molecules, utilizing scientific methodology to prioritize ongoing development

2. PsyBio is an industry-first and leader in developing cheaper, faster, and greener
psychedelic inspired compound discovery and production

3. PsyBio has contracted with three globally acclaimed and experienced contract
manufacturing organizations for process development and commercialization of lead

4. PsyBio is one of a small number of companies actively working towards US FDA
sanctioned clinical trials in the psychedelic inspired biotherapeutic space

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