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RenovoRx Presents RenovoTAMP Cancer Therapy at 2022 SPECTRUM Conference

RenovoRx (NASDAQ: RNXT), a biopharmaceutical company using targeted chemotherapy to treat difficult-to-reach tumors, presented ‘Trans-arterial Treatment Option in Pancreas Cancer’ at the 2022 SPECTRUM conference held January 14-16 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Dr. Ripal Gandhi, M.D., FSIR, FSVM has played a significant role as Principal Investigator in the company’s Phase 3 TIGeR-PaC study, which measures the survival and improved quality of life in pancreatic cancer patients using RenovoTAMP therapy. The trial is enrolling locally advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC) patients across the US and Europe with tumors that are not surgically removable.

Dr. Gandhi’s presentation highlighted the research supporting the RenovoTAMP platform and its ability to minimize chemotherapy side effects alongside radiation therapy. RenovoRx’s Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ramtin Agah commended Dr. Gandhi for his work, saying “We appreciate Dr. Gandhi, a recognized expert specializing in minimally invasive treatments for cancer, both in his role as a Principal Investigator for the TIGeR-PaC study supporting our patients and their families, and for his ongoing efforts to educate clinicians throughout the medical community on the potential for RenovoTAMP as an option for the treatment of their patients with LAPC.”

A recording of Dr. Gandhi’s presentation can be viewed here.

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