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BioCorRx Partners with Tech Company 2B3D to Offer Mental Health Treatment to Veterans

BioCorRx Inc. (OTCQB: BICX), a healthcare solutions company that focuses on the treatment of addictive disorders, announced on May 19, 2022 its partnership with 2B3D to provide healthcare to veterans in the metaverse. 2B3D is a company that explores virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies primarily in the gaming universe, with a special focus on improving veteran mental health.

2B3D’s VRx technology, offered by its core team who are veterans themselves, provides virtual medical services to other veterans in the comfort and safety of their own home. Patients have access to consults, therapy, and even mini games that can help alleviate symptoms of their mental health disorders. While this technology mainly aims to assist with the effects of PTSD on veterans, the company felt it was unable to provide adequate services when it came to substance abuse disorders.

“Through our collaboration with BioCorRx, their innovative treatment programs for substance abuse and related disorders will allow us to address those high-risk veterans,” says 2B3D CEO Rob Bell.

BioCorRx offers a variety of personalized and targeted treatment programs for those who suffer from substance abuse disorders. With substance abuse being extremely common among veterans, often in conjunction with PTSD and/or other mental health disorders, BioCorRx’s expertise in this type of treatment will help 2B3D offer a fuller extent of services through the virtual realm.

BioCorRx EVP Tom Welch says, “Often, these disorders form at the same time and feed off one another. We believe that incorporating our comprehensive medication-assisted treatment (MAT); Beat Addiction Recovery Program which includes our proprietary cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) curriculum and peer support for substance use disorder with the advanced technologies of 2B3D metaverse platform, will offer veterans an enhanced treatment solution.”

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